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ICA Education program is organized by ICA z.s. base in the Czech Republic and nearby countries.

The main theme is Enjoy, Discover, Future and Life-Long Learning.

The world is developing so fast,that it changes and changes before we suppose to study and recognize it.

Skills will soon be replaced by computers

The speciality of humans that difference from other beings or intelligent machines will always belong, will never be replaced. It is self personality, creativity, love and emotions.

If we compare person to computer, the ICA education project then focuses on improving the system rather than rushing to install the program.

In other words, through diversified experiences, to inspire students' individuality, and to lead students to concern feelings and interests than skills.


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Short Term School Program

ICA Education Project providing single or package lessons and short term school program base in Prague and also middle Europe area in Literature, Art, Music, Sport, Science and Social Experience with various themes.




Life is full of temptation

When a system has too many programs installed, the system may be malfunctioning


Forget the system's original, like life, nervous pursuit of one goal after another, may forget the most fundamental thing in life


Receive education for nourishing hearts

Discover your wishes, your own pleasure

Then you can choose to install the program that suits you

Life is working well

Life-long Learning 

Life-long learn, it is a concept that learning and education is not only for childhood, not only in school and classroom, it happen everywhere and through the whole life.

Learning and education is not only just for a purpose that to have a profession or skill, but a relationship between human being and its enviroment, a relationship between current time and previous time or future.

Learning and education is system update and it is also program installation, It is investment, but also consumption;It is not a task but a lifestyle and a process.

John Amos Comenius

Great Educator from Moravia Land

28 March 1592 - 15 November 1670

(1)learning foreign languages through the vernacular;

(2) obtaining ideas through objects rather than words;

(3) starting with objects most familiar to the child to introduce him to both the new language and the more remote world of objects;

(4) giving the child a comprehensive knowledge of his environment, physical and social, as well as instruction in religious, moral, and classical subjects;

(5) making this acquisition of a compendium of knowledge a pleasure rather than a task;

(6) making instruction universal.


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